What is in a name?

So I am launching my business and website – but why live4art?

Whilst only some of us are passionate enough to say ‘I live for art’, I believe that ‘art is for life’ – it enriches life, it inspires, it reminds us of the beauty and colour around , it brings life and the world into our home.

Art is for everyone, whether you are a professional artist, a hobbyist, an appreciator or just like the feel it gives your home; art should be accessible and personal. There is no one style or approach that fits all, I encourage everyone to find what suits them and that may change of time or with different moods or seasons.

So it is probably my tag line ‘creating life for art’ that best sums up my vision – a vision to create a space and products to help artists learn, be inspired and bring art into their own life and the life of others.

Let’s celebrate and be thankful for those who are passionate about art, whose art enriches them and us, so that we do have Art for Life.

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