Creating art for life’ is not just a slogan, it reflects founder Julie Langdon’s belief that art can enrich and transform our lives. Art and expressing our creativity can bring pleasure, happiness, fulfilment, build self-esteem, mindfulness and literally colour our day.

Julie says ‘I have always yearned to create. I think it is part of our basic human nature…’

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Our resources provide education, inspiration and information. From tutorials to simple demonstrations (education), recipes, written instructions and projects (information) to an eclectic array of photos, reflections and people we admire (inspiration); these resources are here to help you on your fluid art journey.





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So I am launching my business and website but why Live 4 Art? Whilst only some of us are passionate
If you have travelled in South East Asia, particularly Thailand, you will have heard someone say ‘same same … but
At a recent visit to the MOMO exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria ‘130 Years of Modern and Contemporary

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